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i fucking cant

fucking pugs.

Ok this made my day lol

The first picture,hahahahaha

Yes!!! It’s back!!!

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Give me all the bacon and eggs you have

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Should have got an Oscar

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"Why is everything suddenly Gluten-free?"

There is an actual medical condition, Celiac or Coeliac Disease, which is very serious, although fairly rare - only about 1% of people have it. People with that condition really cannot eat gluten because they have a strong immune reaction to it.

Gluten-free products are a blessing to these people, who would otherwise need to monitor their diet very carefully.

But since industry has now created all of these gluten-free products, why not make an extra buck on them by selling to people who don’t really need it? So they created a fad. And that is, most probably, what you are seeing.


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Haha! That last bit. Spot on!

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It’s amazing how you can get people to condemn there own attitudes when you state them explicitly. 

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Fogging up the shop today.

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Catwoman by faroldjo

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